Join us

We are all scientists, at different levels of our paths, with different interests, but sharing a common passion for scientific discovery.

We aim to recruit, at all levels, individuals which:
  1. Are curious about science and biology at large.
  2. Are generous and altruistic towards the other members, especially the youngest ones.
  3. Contribute to the laboratory diversity in terms of gender, ethnicity and social background.
Recruitment calls:
Graduate Students

Graduate students are recruited through the Integrative Biology and Biomedicine program hosted by the IGC. Calls are held yearly in February/March. Prospective students interested in joining our lab are encouraged to reach out prior to the call deadline. Candidacies from external PhD programs can occasionally be considered.

Postdoctoral Fellows

A call for a postdoctoral position is currently open! here (deadline June 30th 2022)
The postdoc starting date is flexible!!

Undergraduate Students

Students can be recruited at the IGC from eligible Portuguese or foreign universities. We encourage foreign students interested in a master at the IGC to take advantage of the ERASMUS+ program.

All applicants should email a description of research interests, a CV and the names of potential referees to mfumasoni (at)